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"Extraterrestrial 2020 Vision"

Online 2 Day Event

There appears to be so much negativity already in 2020, and yet we are at the height of our spiritual awakening!


Join The ET Whisperer, Rob Gauthier for an online weekend workshop on February 1st and 2nd as he shares his heart and channels on 2020's intensely eccentric and challenging energies. 


Over the weekend workshop, Rob will channel his ET guides 6th Density Ancient Pleaidian-Denebian Aridif, and 5th Density Benevolent Reptilian Hybrid Humanoid Treb Bor yit-NE as they explore a raw and honest look at the exciting shifts both in people's personal lives, and as a Collective. 


Some topics to be explored will be:

What's going on in the world, in our personal lives, and why is it so intense? ☆ How can we create ideal experiences as the year 2020 progresses? ☆ What can we do to heal ourselves and each other right now? ☆ What is it we need to learn from the shadow others and selves popping up all around and within us? ☆ Some questions from attendees related to this topic will also be asked over the weekend. ☆ Moderated by Kalina Angell, and adorable baby Lilith Satori Gauthier.


$15 to the public for the entire event 

Free for all ET Whisperer Patreon Members!

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"How to Purchase"

When purchasing the tickets please remember to fill out the email you want to register with as an email that you have access to, and one you can open 15 mins before each day  of the livestream.

After purchasing the tickets you will have the links sent to you at the same email you use to register with on 2/1/20 and 2/2/20 at exactly 1:45pm E.D.T. (Same time as Detroit and New York City) . This link will allow you to join is as we broadcast live.  With the new livestream setup on Youtube we can not send the link out any earlier than that without it erasing the link. It will be an amazing way to start the year and we all look forward to you joining !