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ET Whisperer Online and Live Events. Cutting Edge Consciousness Connections. This is our monthly Group Channeling Class. It will be from 2pm-5pm Eastern Time/ 11am-2pm Pacific. We will be teaching you all of the techniques that Rob has learned from his guides and used himself, as well as troubleshooting the most common issues that occur when trying to learn how to channel. We will hold this event on livestream, and the link to be given on the day of the class15-30 mins before it starts via email. All attendees will be given a recording of the class within 48 hours. The recording will be streaming audio and or video, as well as downloadable audio and video. We at ET Whisperer want to teach you what we know about channeling. What is it that we know about channeling ? Well, Rob Gauthier, The ET Whisperer is a professional world renowned channeler for over 11 years publicly (2010). He has channeled hundreds of ET consciousnesses, and has been featured in many documentaries, Internet shows, interviews, and books for his unique channeling abilities. As his name implies, he connects to Extra Terrestrial and Extra Dimensional entities while in a deep trance channeling state. He operates out of Kalamazoo Michigan but has a world wide following and has toured the United States to share his channeling. Many who take interest in his channeling have found great information that have helped transform their own lives by understanding the nature of their own powers. Robs main guides ( Aridif and TReb ) have helped hundreds of thousands of people across the world find their own power by directly interacting with them, or watching the hundreds of free videos with thousands of hours of channeling and teaching that are made free for everyone. Unlike some channeling TReb, Aridif, Rob, or many of the hundreds of E.T.s or E.D.'s that Rob brings through, teach you how to find the answers for yourself. Instead of giving you direct instructions on how to be "perfect" and "spiritual". In TRebs' own words back from 2011 " […] if you follow your heart, your heart is connected directly to your higher self and soul. And your soul knows better than anyone, for you. It knows better than the wisest, or longest living entity in this universe. Because it IS you, it is part of you and it is what you need. So follow the heart and you will never be lead wrong." We will ALWAYS work to make information that ONLY empowers, as accessible as possible.

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What You Need to Know About All Services Before Purchasing Any Session Please Read All Conditions Carefully 1. All sessions are audio only and will be facilitated on Streamyard. Streamyard is an easier version of zoom but with no software needed. It is all done in an internet browser. You can access the link via Cell Phone, PC, or Laptop. The link for the meetings will be sent 15-30 minutes before sessions. As long as it all goes to plan there should be a recording of each session. NOTE* 1-on-1 sessions can be done on skype or phone if in North America upon request. 2. The session recording will be sent to you within 1 hour period after the session. The rules we have about sharing your group sessions publicly is that you can not share any part but your own to keep others privacy in tact. As for the rules about the personal 1-on-1 recorded sessions, if you share the recordings publicly, you are allowed to share the channeling itself only. You CAN NOT share any parts where you and Rob speak to each other before and after the session. You must also make us aware that you do plan on sharing the session publicly and let us know where it is getting shared, as well as share our website on your videos/audio shares. 3. Any One on One Session's time starts at the beginning of the connection process. All of the group sessions will be split with exactly 20 mins time slots. The time will be monitored closely and fairly by a moderator. 4. Any issues with rescheduling should be emailed to Mary at Any and all reschedules should be given 1 day before, although we do understand emergencies can come up. 5. Microphone. Internal or external mics. The better the mic the better your side of sound will be in recording. 6. A quiet and serene environment if possible. This will make for better session enjoyment in the moment and in the recording. 7. a) Please make sure any session type you choose is the kind you want as there are NO REFUNDS for any channeled/non channel help although we are willing to transfer money for one kind of session to another or have you make up a difference on a higher paid type if you desire. This will set your waiting time out a little further but we are always happy to work with you. b) If you buy a physical product and it is defective within 24 hours of its arrival if you report it defective, we can replace it for you. If you buy a digital download and it is corrupted, you have will need to contact for customer service. FOR ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT SESSIONS, DETAILS OR SCHEDULING PLEASE CONTACT Mary Gauthier at If you have any request for appearances on Radio shows, podcasts, TV, or want Rob to speak or channel for an event, please contact Kalina at

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