Group Channeling Shared Session

Group of 4 People. 30 min EACH. $200 PER PERSON

  • 2 hours
  • 200 US dollars
  • Online Meeting. Link Will be sent 15 min before to email you registered from

Service Description

An audio only session in a group of 4 people. This will be done on an independent software called StreamYard that uses your regular Internet browser. No software downloads needed. The session will be recorded for you to listen to afterwards. You will be sent a link to join the group 10-15 mins before the session so you can jump on and join the group. You can join from a PC, Laptop or cell phone. You will need a microphone ( built in or external) and headphones so that there is no feedback in the sound, as well as a quiet environment. You will be asked to close your mic after you have asked your question while TReb or Aridif are answering. Each person will get 30 mins each to ask your questions and will only be allowed to use their microphone during that time and the introduction time. A moderator will be there to assure everyone gets their full time and no one else is able to cut into the time slot for yourself. If you have questions that require long answers we suggest you ask those first so that if you have 4 or 5 mins left of your part of the session, it won't be a compressed answer to fit the time. If there are less than 5 members of the class, everyone will still get 30 mins each, it is just that the session will be shorter. PRIVACY AND RECORDING POLICY - 1 - We will be sharing parts of this session publicly but will NEVER share a person's voice (unless given permission to do so) their name, or even screen capture of the session itself will not be shared publicly. We will only ever share the parts of the session where TReb or Aridif are speaking. 2 - Everyone will be getting a recording of the whole session. This means that they will be able to listen back to the entire 2hr session. 3 - If you wish to share your own session part with the public, friends or family it is ok ONLY if you remove every other part of the recording besides your exchange with TReb or Aridif only. That means when your mic is brought up and you start your personal 30 min time slot, you can share that but no other part of the session. 4 - If you do share your part of the session publicly we ask you to link back either our website or our Youtube channel. If you have anymore questions about the sessions you can contact Mary at

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