I have had a special connection with reptiles all my life, and for that I have been judged severely by the people who always saw them (especially snakes) as a symbol of evil due to their own conditioning. I was already deep into channeled material when I first heard of Rob on Brad Johnson's show, and I got SOOO excited when I realized that I was about to hear my first reptilian challening! When TReb came through, I knew immediately I was connected to both him and Rob deeply, and I was happy beyond belief that what I knew about reptilians deep in my heart was indeed true. I continued listening to almost all the sessions available on Youtube and resonated with them all. Then a good friend decided to gift me a session and it was ON! TReb answered many of the questions I have had for years or all my life, and connected me to my counterparts in the most loving manner. Without Rob and TReb (and Awaken Within) I wouldn't know about ! these precious connections and my relationship with our galactic family became reality and not just wishful thinking. During the last year I had a few more sessions that confirmed a lot of things my heart already knew (and that was crucial for me!) and uncovered new venues for me to explore that I am incredibly excited about! My relationship with Rob also grew naturally as later confirmed by TReb was due to many shared lives we had. When I first heard TReb come through due to his manner of speaking I imagined him as an incredibly lovable, a bit nerdy old scientist who had an experience of centuries talking to students with amazing patience and understanding. I felt nurtured and loved so much by him. And today I can say that all of us also contributed to his own growth, and thanks to us and our counterparts many more connections are made between TReb's civilization and other races that we have our aspects in. I am proud to call Rob my friend, and my heart is full whenever I connect with TReb, in dreamtime, through channeling sessions or in meditation.


Vashta Narada (Belgrade Serbia) 


I want to thank Rob and his channel, Treb-Bor-Yit-Ne, from the bottom of my heart, for the selfless Love, support, and guidance you have both given me throughout this challenging period in my life. You have helped me to gain a far greater understanding of who I truly am, and why I am here on Earth at this momentous time in our evolution, for this, I cannot thank you enough. Rob, you are a true inspiration to me and a blessing to my life, and it is wonderful, not only to consider you a fellow spiritual counselor, but also a true friend. I Love you so much for all the ways you and your channel have helped me, especially in the times when I needed someone the most. I recommend Rob and his channeling service to anyone who is interested in furthering their own spiritual growth and development. After just one session, you will realize what a blessing it is to be in contact with such a Loving, caring and friendly being, and the same can certainly be said for his channel. Thank you again, and I wish you all the best with your developments in getting this life changing material and message out to more people. Peace of mind and Love to you.

--Matt (Essex, U.K.)



Treb taught me and constantly reminded me that love is always the answer. Because of it and his help on other problems and situations, my relationship with my wife and the relationship with myself has improved greatly. Thank you Rob and Treb.

--Danny (Miami, FL)



I met Rob at the same time I was getting the Illuminati and reptilian conspiracies, came across his work looking for new alien reptilian videos on YouTube. I was beginning to fear them honestly, but Treb bor yit ne's messages helped dispel all worries. They helped me realize that no matter what we still go back safely to the loving embrace of All That Is. My whole life I have been suicidal when I was about 6, I didn't want to be here, I felt I didn't belong and doing away with myself I never believed I would be punished in a hell I just intuitively felt I would be "going back". I still feel the same but with the hope of our ascension I wish to stay to help.however I can with it now In this life n not another. Rob and Treb both helped me a lot with my depression and fears. However if my life hadn't been what it was where it was I never would have found them, so I thank the universe all the time for bringing me and rob together again In this life. He is a great friend and a awesome mentor, same for our 'far out' brother Treb bor.

--Evan Tingey (Utah, U. S.)



Treb's name symbolizes love to me now, the love which is immortal, omniscient and the base of everything in this universe. Rob, a beautiful soul who understand and dedicated to the service of human beings in his own unique way. I am so thankful for finding and being a part of this family. I am listening to them from quite a few months now, whenever I listen to them I feel so connected instantly. Every single time when I listen to Treb through Rob, its a message of Love, peace and recognizing and accepting ourselves. Treb's teachings of listening and believing our heart is so intense. I learned to be nonjudgmental from Treb. I never thought to accept the negativity as equal to positivity until I started listening to Treb. Actually we grow up with the belief that negative is always bad, but Treb taught me its OK if some ppl vibrate in negativity , its their choice and there is nothing wrong with that. I just want to say my heartiest Thanks to Treb, Rob, George, Rachelle and every single person who made these sessions possible in any direct and indirect way. Love N Light to all.

--Savita Joseph (Florida U.S.)

2011 was perhaps the worst year of my forty plus years in this incarnation, but it was also a time of rapid growth – consciously, spiritually, and awareness-wise – and the shedding of many of the things, people, attitudes and beliefs that were no longer serving my personal development. Towards the end of 2011, I began researching and studying a vast array of different ideas, theories, and information from many different sources, which include but are not limited to: David Icke, Alex Jones, Dolores Cannon, Zecharia Sitchin, Edgar Cayce, Alan Watts, George Kavassilas, and channellers Daryll Anka (Bashar) and Esther Hicks (Abraham). Although I have approached all with great discernment, all have furthered my understanding of the world I live in and without, and within myself. Each source was a necessary stepping-stone in my development, and each of which I delved heavily into – almost obsessively. Each source proved a sort of graduation level of consciousness that snowballed into the extrapolation of further sources of information available. Just when I thought I had it all figured out, a fresh source of information would come my way. But along with the fresh sources of information came reiteration of what I already knew and believed. I kept my research going, but many of the questions I had were not answered in these ‘fresh’ sources – questions that were vital, if not solely personal, to my greater understanding. I then discovered Rob Gauthier and TReb Bor yit-Ne. What attracted me greatly and initially to TReb was the fact that he is a benevolent reptilian hybrid humanoid, relaying sage wisdom and sending a message of love and acceptance. Knowing all too well the malevolent Reptilian Agenda on this planet, I was pleased to see an entity loosely connected to this race, within a benevolent vibrational frequency, speaking freely and openly to mankind. After listening to several of Rob’s/TReb’s sessions, many of the questions and issues I sought answers to – issues and questions other entities being channelled would not answer or address – were answered by TReb. TReb tied up many loose ends for me, and no doubt, many others. A further attraction to Rob chanelling TReb was/is the fact that Rob does not charge anyone financially to have a session with TReb; Rob provides this service of co-interaction and exchange of information freely and with great love and willingness, which – and let’s face it – must be exhausting for him. But the spreading of love and information, the connecting with those who desire help in empowering themselves, is far greater a compensation for Rob than financial compensation. This was a tremendous turning point for me. That said I contacted Rob for a pre-session and session with TReb. The feeling and exchange I had – and continue to have – with Rob cannot be easily put into words, but I will do my articulate best: love, understanding, and mutual and harmonious positive interaction, intellectually and spiritually. Then came my session with TReb. Although TReb’s interaction with me left me with far more questions than I initially went into the session with, TReb more clearly defined the pallet of concerns, ideas, and questions I had/have within me – bringing forth a catalyst for further expansion of my consciousness, ideas, and concerns. This initial session was merely a primer, but I learned a great deal. One thing I learned is that one – when asking TReb questions – must be clear, concise, and articulate in one’s questions, in order to get clear, concise, and articulate answers and information; what we put in, we get out. And this cannot be an easy task of interaction for TReb – working round the confused questions of the askers, as well as navigating round the sub-conscious and pre-conceived ideas of the host. And we must all remember that the articulation and quality of any entity being channelled has a great deal to do with the host the entity channels through. The important factor in listening to TReb is what he relays, not how he relays it. We should all be grateful to TReb that he gives us even a small part of his consciousness to relay information that will assist us. And we should all be grateful to Rob for his willingness and love to share his interactions with TReb with us all. Judge not the mouth of the Gift Horse, or the manner in which it speaks, but rather embrace the wisdom and love that emerges from it. Suffice it to say, I look forward greatly to further communication with TReb and his host.

Love, Light, and Best,--Terence (Seattle, WA)

One session with Treb really does change your life...Rob and Treb came into my life with perfect timing. As many of us have experienced, this world puts us through great challenges, teaching us incredible lessons, always pushing us forward . Before i had my session with Treb i was unaware of many things, important things about myself that i needed to disover. Treb was the shining light that showed me who i truly was and what i had created for myself, allowing me the right tools to move forward and improve my life dramatically..No other channel is as up close and personal to their students as Rob and Treb, you are made felt special because that is how you are perceived. i cannot imagine what my life would be like if i had not experienced the magic that is Treb. Thanks to Rob and his Family for being there for us.

Evan Pendre (Perth Aus.)

I first had the honour and pleasure of meeting Rob and Treb during an open online channeling session in March 2013. During that session, I felt a great connection to Treb, not only on an energetic level but also to the words he spoke. Treb offered supportive and loving advice to individuals, in a non-judgmental and non-subjective way. I then booked a private session with Treb, and it became the hour that would ultimately change my life. My main goal was to receive assistance to overcome my fear of the unknown, something that had been quite debilitating for me since childhood. Treb assisted me to view the world from a non-fear based perspective, to really appreciate the polarities and contrast we experience, and to truly understand and embrace that everything is an expression of Source. After doing Treb’s exercises and adopting his philosophy, my world literally shifted into another reality, and I continue to experience an i! ncredible world full of limitless possibilities. I am so grateful for the love and assistance offered by both Rob and Treb. Thank you Rob for your support, love, generosity and humour, I am so fortunate to have made a brother and a friend for life.

Shalini (Sydney, Australia)

Hey Rob,
just wanted to say thank you for the information u are bringing through treb and aridifs insight .as you know you are making a significant contribution to the higher vibrational changes happening on this planet and from a personal perspective ,helping me to find my own awakening.nothing could be more rewarding and exciting than these realizations and unfoldings. 
I can imagine you have not always received such positive feedback and if you would of listened to the opinion of others in this negative way the rest of us would not have the opportunity to learn from these incredible channelings.
So on behalf of all you have impacted and SO many more to come Thank you !!!
with all of my heart !!

Che' (Canada)

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